Roel - Chairman


Lotta - Secretary

The girl which is the center of the party. No group can call themselves the mafia without at least one such femme fatale. With a shot that would leave most trained hitman gasping, she is also an asset on the court. Do not underestimate this girl, underneath the pretty smile lies the mind of a woman that knows exactly what she wants.

Kimberley - Treasurer

As cute as this little girl looks in her tight little penguin suit, she has in fact an iron fist in a velvet glove. If she didn't have this blond hair, you would think she had the Italian blood running through her veins; intense on the field and passionate during our meetings. Her cute appearance can come in handy when looking for sponsors though, her glistening puppy eyes can get everything she desires done. Reliable as she is, she would be your ultimate mafia partner in crime. Even though it sometimes might take a couple of strafadtjes, in the end you know she won't let you down.

Arsenio - Food and Drinks Commissioner

Arsenio is a really really tall boy that can party like nobody else can. He likes drinking (beer) whiskies and smoking sigars like a real godfather. And when he is not partying is he also a good basketball player he can make sick dunks so watch out or he will kick your ass!

Iris - Party Commissioner

You don't wanna mess around with her. Great baller she can take you out in a minute. Legend tells that her many trips to Austria in winter help her keep her cool style from heating in the warmer days of summer and the only reason why she loses is because she can't play 1 on 5. Her game is cold and merciless, her motto: play hard, party harder! It is not unsual to see her in pubs schooling big boys on drinking and dancing up untill the sun rises with its unwelcome warmth.

She is one of the godballer's most trusted wings, and she never fails.

Mirco - Game Commissioner

Pleased to introduce our Italian asset: meet Mirco. He's an awesome dude that you might find, occasionally, partying in a penguin suit. As expected he is a real pizza lover, like you would expect from any Italian, but he's so passionate about them, he even likes the cheap frozen versions from your local Albert Heijn! With the same passion Mirco takes care of the game schedule during the tournament, making sure everybody has the most awesome basketball experience during the weekend.

Noor - Board Member

crawling tiger

Don't let this little sweet looking girl fool you. Because underneath her basketball outfit she has a comfortable onesie! Although her name suggests she crawls, she is actually flying over the court in her tiger onesie! From high up in the sky, she can oversee the IT16 Committee and if they are doing anythig wrong, she crawls through the grape trees of bella Italia, to punish them with a horse head in their beds. So watch out, but don't be afraid.

Amanthla - Board Member

die Amantha is a true hardened mob wife, do not underestimate her power to organize, and to entertain every living being that crosses her path.
Armed with her (water)Gun and (confetti) Pistol she takes on the hardest jobs as Punch's activities commissioner. She is trusted to oversee and govern the IT committee, so you'll see her ruling off the court as well as on the court during the weekend.